Toshinori Hayashi

@ Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan

He earned a B.S. in Biological Science from Shinshu University in Nagano Japan, and obtained his Ph.D. in Biology from Nagoya University, where he studied under a supervise from Dr. Mitsumasa Okamoto. In his thesis he focused on a trigger factor of lens regeneration in newt. After that, he investigated developmental and regeneration process of inner ear using chickens and mice in the laboratory of T.A. Reh and O. Bermingham-McDonogh at University of Washington, Seattle.

Since returning to Japan, he have established a molecular genetics system using Iberian ribbed newt, Pleurodeles waltl. He is studying the regulatory mechanisms of cell proliferation during regeneration of various organs, such as the heart, and testis.